Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Well-balanced combat, lots of party make-up choices, good amount of thought required in later battles, lots of items and item levels to give characters specialties of round them off depending on play-style. This is an excellent game. The different classes give it lots of replay value and being able to pass down old items to lower level or previously un-played characters gives you a good edge when playing with a whole different party set-up.

Excellent balance, great gameplay. interesting storyline. Probably the most addictive game on Newgrounds.

A great old school turn based crawler, with good art and attention to character sprites. I especially like the "suggest" tab for equipping, as it takes alot of the sorting work out for you...not that I mind that sort of thing but it helps the game play fast.

My suggestion would be to add more interactive missions. Still, the action is fun and perfect before I dive back into Civ 5.

I can only give you 3 stars because the % chance to hit enemies is a complete mess. You can't tell me that in now 1 week of playing, in almost every 90+ % chance of hitting the enemy i miss while the 50% ones are the ones i hit. I know there's something called bad luck, but dude really?

To the other guys in here: stop asking about usable items in combat. This will never happen, it never happened in ''Monsters Den'' and ''Monsters Den: The Book of Dread''. This is what this makes it so special about this game: think twice before you fight without healing and buffing your party with items before.

garin-dan responds:

The percentages are accurate-- your memory isn't.

The game is very good but could improve allowing you to use objects in more fights and increasing skills of each character, armor and fighting style you used is perfect, is the classic RPG

Is there any way to use items in combat, and if not, why not?