Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Good but why in the assembling your party has no market?

Why cant I stop playing? Skills are sik for all classes, massive replay value, battle systems awesome... IDK but great game.

it is a great game but it didnt hold my attention

Love the combat, variety of characters, spells, and just about everything else. Your team did an excellent job capturing the "spirit" of dungeon crawling and I hope to see more. The only issue that I have is the lack of variety when it comes to the music, but that's a small nit-pick :P

The game is great, but I got so frustrated, I can't describe it in words. I played 8 hours straight on extreme hardcore, and always after about playing 90-120 minutes I end up dying in first and second dungeon floor. It like I tell myself aloud that I will be careful, retreat just as early as I have the first doubt I won't win the fight so I wouldn't have to start from scratch. Nooo... Everyone gets stuned just when retreating, opponents get criticals and so on... it's crazy... Is it possible at all to play this game on extreme hardcore mode?