Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

Nicely done Garin-dan, i can't believe you didn't get daily 1st prize for this! You went from a rather simple but classic and addicting Dungeon crawler to a proffesionally made, epic, and lets not forget, STILL classic dungeon crawler. Congrats on topping your own work sir!

I played this for far too long; great job!

Reminds me a lot of diablo 1.
solid game, but sometimes there are just so many items on screen it gets confusing... even if you sort it. maybe cut down? or have different pages for pots, gear, scrolls, etc.?

Great!I completely agree with plusle13 and i am a gamer for SOOO many years so it is very hard for me(and experienced gamers) to be addictided to a game for hours and don't even go to the toilet xD.That's what happened to me.Good job man.There are not op or useless classes.I love the ''boss'' soundtrack(for example the nexus engine) but a little wider variety of songs would be good.But this game ROCKSSSS!!!!!!.Also the effects are awesome,the sounds too,and it won't become boring,because as is said(that i am a gamer for so many years) i get bored easily in games.But this time no.Let me tell you some tips for even greater job.
1.Add a multiplayer(like plulse13 said).I know it is diffucult but i am sure that you can make me proud :D.
2.Add a wider variety of songs.I am a music lover you know.
3.Last but not least,a little more animation.For example when (exaple) the mage attacks with a lighting bolt give him an animation move hands head etc.
I don't know why i said these tips(cause usually we give tips to games that need them) but if you follow these tips i don't know....maybe my computer will explode by overheat :D.
Keep up the good job man.Keep up.

Ive been waiting for a game like this for a long time. The prequels were great, but this is amazing! The music is great, the classes are well balanced and interesting, the difficuly levels allow players of all skill levels to enjoy it, and the list goes on. If you continue to add more campaigns or add a multiplayer mode, i truly belive you can get a sizable and dedicated following. Deserves 5/5 easily. Great work!