Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

I've been playing it for a while now. There are some things from the previous series I'd like to see in a new version if I could.

First, foremost and most importantly: The Barbarian.

I know many people think the barbarian is just another kind of warrior, but I beg to differ. Although some of the skills are in one of the warrior builds, the Barbarian was a damage maker while the warrior is a protector and leader/tank. There are clearly itens with a Ranger or Cleric atmosphere, but what about the wild, screaming, rage-blinded warrior wielding impossibly large weapons in outbursts of mad violence? I miss them.

The other thing is female characters. I like boobs, boobs are great.

Other than that, one of my favorite games in NG. Keep up, brother.

not bad !

i do love this game and i was playing it for the longest of times but i come back and i had been even save syncing with the armor games thing i knew i had my temp files cleared but i figured the sync would reload my game but it hasnt i guess, it makes me sad because i really dont want to have to replay 2 chapters :[ sadness..

It was fun.. the music was irritating. Same song every battle.. graphics were basic. Loved the concept. Roguesqe but clickier. I HATED the fact that you have to pay to get all the content. So basically this game is an advert for the real thing.

Again, this is NOT the full game. Only a demo.

I don't like that unless it's clearly stated up front.

Great. Just great.