Reviews for "Monsters' Den Chronicles"

this game might be fun for strategy type players
however i am not one of them

This is a far more addictive game than I thought before. It reminds me a lot of the M&M games and a bit of Diablo I.

Can this game even become better, please?

An awesome improvement of an epic classic.

Brilliant Rpg game 4.5/5
more skills/levels for characters would have got it 5/5

Fantastic game, I've been enjoying this for weeks now. Solid gameplay with an unusual difficulty curve: easy at first, then difficult as enemies seem to outstrip your capabilities and your cash never seems to be enough, then finally (mercifully) easier again when you've been pimped out with epic equipment and cash inflation makes buying enhancement potions a joke. Just got "World Renowned" a minute ago, and no plans yet to stop. Thank you for this!