Reviews for "Dragons and Dungeons"

pros: the general idea is fun, like the 'villians", its good that you change conversations based on player being a maleor female

Improvements/ideas: add class options, more actions based on choices (2/3 of most the actions lead to death)

Other than that can't wait to see future games :)

P.S) Has anyone gotten the destroy everything Medal? I can't figure out the proper ending to get it.. please post or mail me if you know <33

it was ok needs a lil work but good concept

this is crap. its like a bunch of idiots got together and tried to make a game that was funny, and failed.

It's pretty good for your first game. I like the story and all. Can't wait for the sequel! :D

Does anyone know the name of this song? I would appreciate if anyone would tell me.