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Reviews for "Dead Pixel"

I'd say it's mostly based on your monitor. I managed to get to level sixty with roughly a score of 3,500. Past that it was hard to make things out with this older laptop. I still managed to beat it, but it just took a while.

Pro tip(s):
1: Clean your monitor
2. Bend/Tilt your monitor to remove glare and to make colors brighter

I ended up with a score of 5,080.

This started to hurt my eyes a little but i won it and got a score of 2720, but this was a interesting game for me.

There were a few instances where I clicked on the pixel off-center and it took away a life. The hitbox should be the whole pixel, not the middle.

Otherwise, a great and challenging little game. Simple in premise, difficult in practice. It's very rewarding to finally spot that dead pixel!

while i wasn't logged in, I COMPLETED THE GAME (beat all 100 levels) WOO HOO! Eat that GreenSlime!
Score: 2010

Somewhat hard. Got a score of 4010, I don't know whether that is good or bad.