Reviews for "TeddysExcellentAdventure"

It was REALLY cute and fun. If I had to pick one thing to complain about it would be moving platform/conveyor belt thingys. It's a little weird that you have to keep running on them to keep from falling off. It's probably just me nitpicking. Other than that though, great cute game! :)

Simple but fun gameplay, good game physics and controls. The storybook graphics and cute likeable protagonist mix perfectly with the environments and music. Solid game, just a little short.

Despite the bug at the stage where you need to press 3 switches in the right timing, this game is entertaining.
Cute and fun, spooky and scary, and the nice ending wrapped up this game wonderfully, not to mention that sweet music.

4 Stars.

That was sooooo cute! GREAT game for kids, and rather entertaining for anyone older. :D

awwwwwww! so cute! good game