Reviews for "TeddysExcellentAdventure"

please make a sequel

Great game to teach young children the basics of both hop & bop and puzzle gaming. Good graphics and music for the target age group. The one thing that I didn't like was that Teddy had to keep running on the traveling planks, as that is not used on most games and may confuse the children.

~Nice graphic
~Alternative control system
~Changeable graphic quality
~Easy gameplay
~Good music
5 stars!

Cute game. the kids will like it. Not really enough goin' on to hold my interest though. Maybe some enemies to jump on or just the ability to run faster would add a lot to this game.

I have to admit that, before playing this game i was like : Meh. Another child game ... How can he be so high rated ? Let's try it...
And seriously, you have a talent. The music was well used, and nice, the graphics where cute, the gameplay was simple.
It's a wonderful story for everybody !