Reviews for "Sonic Vs luffy Part 3"

tht was NICE Kimathi

muy bueno aunque pudiera estar un porquito mejor si sonic peliara mas en su forma poderosa para que sea mejor ademas que durito es saben que luffy es raro?¿ esperare el ultimo episodio o bendran mas no lo se ¡PERO FUE EL MEJOR VIDEO!

Okay so if I was to resume, an epic fight between the new Luffy, Super Sonic on the Fairy Tail Theme song, I couldn't XD By the way, it created an inner conflict for many people I know, to choose between Luffy and Sonic is hard, even for me >.< Great animation there, always a pleasure to see that a french comrade can make such a great animation :D The next episode is to be looked after, if it ever get released (so I hope) Bien joué, ça sera mon mot de la fin.

Pretty good, when it got to the part where they are standing on top of the statues from naruto it turns off play by itself.

4 star animation, fix the grammar and i would have voted 5