Reviews for "Sonic Vs luffy Part 3"

amazing sir. i just uploaded my video and once i saw your i couldnt beleve it. im no where near as well as you and im 17. i actually wanna learn from you and become better. if you want look at my videos and see how much i suck lol thanks and keep up the great work!

Kimathi responds:

looks like you don't know about me.
I'am 14.
so please don't call me "Sir" ^^'

tht was NICE Kimathi

That wasn't that bad, I'll forgive you for the grammar because it isn't your first language, I got all psyched up when the fairy tail music began to play. Definitely can't wait til you get the next one out, good job and keep it up.

Awesome movie and a great build up to Super Sonic which i loved. Can't wait for the next chapter - some minor sfx and music issues though

Pretty good, when it got to the part where they are standing on top of the statues from naruto it turns off play by itself.