Reviews for "Sonic Vs luffy Part 3"

"To be continued." ......FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-- Choops. The longer it gets the tastier the victim becomes.
Anyway, glad to see this thing actually was continued, and with much improvements that add to the present wave of adrenaline this fight already contains.
Keep up the good work and all the best. *thumbs up*

Major improvements :)

And just like I thought, Sonic got owned XD

Its so funny though, exactly after sonic was giving up I thought (If he turned super sonic it would be more of an even match) and you actually did it! XD

But not only did you improve your animation! You also included some great music to fit the occassion and included some pretty good humor in there ^.^

Amazing job dude, you get a 5 out of me ^_^

4 star animation, fix the grammar and i would have voted 5

Why doesn't one of them win, and why would he want to eat him? Well he said meal but anyway.

that movie was good like the animation