Reviews for "Lazy Writing 6"

Lol what? XD I guess he didn't stick it in? I dunno... I'm confused xD Kinda funny, could have been funnier, but still good.

No thanks, no more for me. Lazy writing is definitely appropriate. I feel that maybe your next f;ash animation should be titled "Concerted effort writing", becuase thats what this one needed.

LazyMuffin responds:

Ooo, snappy! Thanks for the comment!

Keep it up Yotam these are amazing! I was waiting for 2 so i go of the computer for a while and then you come back with 6, wow dude that's quite alot!

This reminds me too much of "The Room." :) in a good way, nicely plaid.

My good sir, are you insinuating that only virgins watch anime? I think I'm offended. Hmph! But cool movie, otherwise. ;-)