Reviews for "Diablo 3...finally!"


Aww Yeah! Diablo III Parodies start showing up!

..nice haha, not a fan but i love watching parodies of an awesome game, skyrim ran out of them so i was freaking out for a couple days, thank you very mucho sir!

@sharpnova it does work in chrome so it must be your computer

great flash i actually decided to do that with my beard :D so i know what its like well done the game is well worth the wait

Great flash, I chuckled .... keep up the good work. On a related, but not review, note, I was excited about Diablo 3, until I heard about the always on requirement. I won't discourage good fanworks because of that (and this is good work), but while Diablo III looks awsome, transparent money grabs (and that's what the RM Auction House, and thus the always on requirement are about) that detract from the quality of the product, are not. I want to see more of stuff like this, hell, I want to play Diablo III myself, but I want to play a sequel to Diablo II's offline single player ... and Diablo didn't ship with a single player (it shipped with a solo intanced b-net realm as a single player option), so I didn't buy it. It hurts to watch this game release and sit on the sidelines, and I won't take that out on talented artists like EricPopcorn. To those who play the game, I hope you all enjoy it, I just firmly believe in not supporting certain gaming business models.