Reviews for "Diablo 3...finally!"

This makes poop look good

Diablo 3 feels like diablo 2 so far. Better graphics on cutscenes, which is no big deal, and nice graphics for attacks. Not so much elaborate as simply something new. Fighting down stairs is kind of neat. Though, LoS is a bit of an issue. Anywho.. yeah.. I often think about "armaggedon" coming and being bummed out that "heaven" wouldn't have the not so heavenly tv shows I like to watch. If jesus rose up again or I die. I doubt I'd get to see another season of something like Dexter. Major bummer. Just like games, you look forward to a sequal, and just think.. there probably were a handful of people who looked forward to playing D3 and died before they got the chance. Major bummer.. Anywho... good flash ^_^ I kind of expected something else, but was good.

i cry every time i see some thing like this the fucking servers aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
also too long and the quality could of been beter

lol poney face and a big wtf from satan XD

"Not even death can save you from me!"

5/5 just for the nostalgia cannon you shot into my forehead with that quote.