Reviews for "Beaches and Shores"

thats a warning to all fire elementals to never fight a water elemental on an island, i mean seriously! its an ISLAND! its surrounded by water! gee, how dumb was that!?

That video ad a really cool vibe! I like the animation style. <3

the animation was good and i was liking the fight for nothing and the little crab in the middle hehe , but... what a terrible ending I am giving you 3 stars for the good animation and the good sound effects.

so thats what happend to New Orleans

more more more more! i think the build-up was quite nice for the ending. it was building you up as to what was going to happen andddddd.d.d.d.d omgawd a tidal wave!! ahhhhhhhhhh! done. no survivors that day. it made me smirk, as i was not expecting it. looking for more because your animation is quite a talent to witness; maybe something with a story to it next time? but overall i liked the characters and this small short flash