Reviews for "Beaches and Shores"


Uhm, that wasn't bad, but a little short and it's weird if the chars are moving their mouths, but there's no voice. Rather do it without the mouth movement or at least at some sounds for that part. The rest of the sounds was not that perfect either, but the music was okay. Also the style of animation was not bad. The end was nice, but didn't go along very well with the previous story.

That was awesome!

I like things like this!

im very sry but i dont get a s*** out of why ppl love this...

yea its well animated (no quistion)

sound is okay ( if u count music as "sound")

thats pretty much what it is...

no quistion it was done great but i for one wiver cant enjoy this sense i just get thowed into a
story whitch was nothing to begin whit.

my tip.

make ppl care about the chars befor u just smash them...

i was more min. into the flash befor i even knew what was happeing..witch isnt cool sense i lost those min. of the movie witch wasnt even ment for "intro"

Oh wow I LOVE this animation style so much. It's not that sorta buttery-smooth thing, but it has that film-type frame-rate that I am a HUGE fan of. It was extremely artistic and stylistic to me, considering the part when you can tell she yelled but it has no sound effect for it, however the audio for other things is present. I liked it a ton, it just added to the mood. The artwork itself along with the animation was extremely nice, it wasn't the cleanest and smoothest but it was just well-drawn, it just somehow showed that you are a fantastic artist.

I kinda wish it lasted longer, I thought it would sorta be one of those longer, battle-type videos, but I thought it was still funny at that abrupt ending, lol. Excellent work overall.