Reviews for "Reincarnation: BB"



It was alright.
Good game.

hey man, i understand you are a developing developer... but these little games really suffer in quality. However, the reviewers whinging about the moss clearly have never played Zork, Submachine or Myst.

i get the moss. I do. It was the only obvious choice. The other items, sadly, I had to ponder for a while, and then look up. So, I am ever so sorry, but I will have to give four out of five, for the confusion generated for. As a former Zork fanatic, I apologize profoundly that it took me so long to find the moss. ;( And as for all those TREEDWELLINGCTHULHUFHTAGNITES who want their items handed to them and can't seem to comprehend the needto OBSERVE IN THE PROPER CONTEXt and to think for themselves, you guys need to strain your brains and learn to think outside the box. no hatin, just love.

Great Game, regardless.But what that one person said about the larger games having more chutzpah really rings true; cater too much to the crowd and you tend to lose a piece of your intellectual integrity, the stuff that made you create in the first place.

The hot spots were a bit sticky, but that could have just been my gear. ;)

all in all, very nice.

Best game ever i love the entire series i cant wait for TROAE i am so excited!!!!!