Reviews for "Attitude"

nice game all 5 stars ;)

The trick to grow trees is just wait at first then hit gas cloud that just formed.

The last level took FOREVER!!!!!!! But Now I COMPLETED TEH GAME!!!! :D

Ok, its a great game. Nice tricks to keep it from being the same old same old. And like what others have said, the final boss is a pain. I have found this munch though. The trick for the stage is to GROW THE TREES! That is the bosses life meter and that, once is fully restored will defeat the boss. But my question is HOW to grow the trees. I have no idea how to do that. It seems random to me. For nearly 10 minutes I had nothing then with in five minutes I had three trees grown. If I knew the trick then maybe I could do it.

why did the last boos world growed a tree?