Reviews for "Attitude"

There is two known glitches and both occupied for me with the dude that's frustated with the city.

One of them, I believe has already been stated before: When I back out of a character selection, everyone that I've beaten previously reverted back to their stressed self and I was trapped at the menu, unable to access to anyone.

The second takes place at the traffic boss fight- If I wasn't enough fast, then everything turns red, froze for a few seconds, and then everything vanishes, leaving me with a blank screen and my little positive. This forces me to restart.


I loved this game! Very good positive idea!

it was an awesome game, eveything about it was awesome. I just didn't like the fact that I had to go to your site to use some of the features. for that you get a 4/5

This is a great game as far as I can tell. It has great graphics and sound, and it's highly addicting. But there are a few problems. On mine there was a glitch when I backed out of a level, and it didn't let me select a character, though it can be solved by clicking the upgrade button then backing out, I hope you revise that. Also I recommend switching the user rating to at least teen, due to fowl language. But other than that, I like the short, but interesting story line and the cute looking art. 4/5, good job.