Reviews for "Robot Legions"

sweet game! i have no qualms, though, the expectation of a perfect victory is kind of unreasonable.

playvortex responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it's very hard to get a perfect victory on later levels, but the player is not expected to get all of them, only the amount that is necessary for the achievement.

Very good but more weapons would be good.

i thought it was a good game. Was slightly easy to beat Good job overall. Great for a quick fun and shoot for 15 min.

great game, good pacing, and decent challenge

the only real issue i had was the aiming cursor had a nasty tendancy to 'stick' on areas of the screen, especially while strafing or trying to avoid other enemies

thats the only reason i couldnt give this a five

I really had fun the graphics were good, the sound was ok, the gameplay was great and I love me some good upgrades and medals. The only thing that bothers me is that the game is too short but nonetheless I really enjoyed it.