Reviews for "Robot Legions"

Thoroughly enjoyed playing through this. Awesome bullet-hell style boss and gameplay, but it could have been a bit harder with the previous level having been so hard. My one criticism is that the difficulty isn't balanced enough, some of the later levels were easier than previous levels - but that might just be me. 5/5

The levels were well thought of comprimising of a new enemy each level.
Liked the variety thought they were challenging at times.
The boss was cool too.

I can't really think of anything bad about this game, would have been challenging if you had of included a obstacle like a block or two or three in any level past 10 or the last three levels when you pretty much have all the upgrades or close to it. Would love to see another one, possibly a boss every few levels or some mid boss like enemy with the robots per level.

This game is cool
But if there were more upgrades and more differences in stages and more stages extra weapons it would be an awesome game

I really liked it. Simple, straight forward, good, smooth and just fun.
It would have been nice to see something like physical changes to your character with each upgrade of different types of bullets when you upgraded damage, but I guess it doesn't detract from gameplay too much so it doesn't matter. Good game 5/5


Stars all around , its a very fun game and sooner or later your going to have excess cash there should be additional ships or "power" ups or even music (well maybe not lol). very good tho almost reminds me of super R-type only you have full control and going all over the place facing all directions.

*continues to sleep type*

Keep up the good work