Reviews for "Robot Legions"

this game is awsome
all medals and all levels in perfect

So, i have a question. is there a reason i defeated the final boss but he never died and i was stuck facing him for over an extra half hour before i died, giving me the poor modifier despite also gaining the medal for defeating the final boss? i think i stumbled on a bug or glitch, might be useful to fix it. happened to me 4 times. so far. will keep playing this stage until it lets me complete it.

playvortex responds:

Sorry for this bug. I think I have fixed it in a last reupload, but I'm not sure. It would be nice if you or somebody else who encountered this problem can tell me if it's working or not.

Fast Paced, but really short, but fun. :)

I loved this game, just the right amount of hard. Dare I say, bonerrific?

I loved this game, very entertaining. I haven't found anything bad about it yet, KEEP IT UP!