Reviews for "Robot Legions"

I thought this was a really cool game. I have always been a fan of shooting games, especially ones like this. What I appreciated was how there was a nice variety of enemies to fight. The sound effects were really good too and everything seemed to sync up quite well. My only annoyance is that there were two easy medals and the rest were hard. Still definitley a game worth playing.

It's hard to decide whether you should keep on firing or try to get the money. It's a much more complicated game than you think. This might just be because there's nonstop action everywhere. It was a great game that accomplished what it set out to do. The upgrades are nice too.

One of my top ten games! Love it!

Cool game.

This is a nice Run and shoot game. Graphics are fine. There could of been more upgrades for armor and regenerating. The last Boss is a challenge until you figure his pattern. The medals work ,and I earned them all. Will there be a se

Awesome game! Simple gameplay upgrades simple and balanced, Nice boss battle but it should have been a little longer (aka neeed MOAR) also even thou the game is great i think i played some similar games before but they never got either balanced gameplay or upgrades, always had a problem here it is perfect from gameplay perspective but i think it was way too safe meaning gameplay is balanced but too little innovation for a game this awesome also i didn't encountered the glitch on the boss (Killed it 3 times) everything went perfectly but again second phase is jusr remodified phase 1 with same exact strategy i would love to see some more phases and with more variety which woud force the player to adapt to the new environment nevertheless great game but played a little too safe