Reviews for "Robot Legions"

This game is cool
But if there were more upgrades and more differences in stages and more stages extra weapons it would be an awesome game

Totally amazing!
I think that this is a brilliant game which could give a miniature adrenaline rush to anyone who plays it. Easily one of my favourites on the site. But there could be different areas, like with harder bosses and different enemies. But all in all, I think that this game deserves all of the stars that I am giving it. Personally I fully completed the game within an hour, but it was still amazing. the graphics were suprisingly fluid, and the sound affects were just as cool, especially the way that they didn't completly drown out the backround music.

This is a really good game and could see this as a potential game for Playstation Network / Xbox Live. This has been done well, polished and smooth.

Like said in an other review below: The boss could have done with a little bit more thought indeed. It was a tad simple and could've had more complex attacks.

All in all, i really like this game. Well done!

Liked it!

great game, good pacing, and decent challenge

the only real issue i had was the aiming cursor had a nasty tendancy to 'stick' on areas of the screen, especially while strafing or trying to avoid other enemies

thats the only reason i couldnt give this a five