Reviews for "Robot Legions"


Stars all around , its a very fun game and sooner or later your going to have excess cash there should be additional ships or "power" ups or even music (well maybe not lol). very good tho almost reminds me of super R-type only you have full control and going all over the place facing all directions.

*continues to sleep type*

Keep up the good work

Every time i play that game i need say "This is Sparta!!!" :P there are a lot of bots tryng to kill me u_u
Is a nice game, easy to play.

I really liked it. Simple, straight forward, good, smooth and just fun.
It would have been nice to see something like physical changes to your character with each upgrade of different types of bullets when you upgraded damage, but I guess it doesn't detract from gameplay too much so it doesn't matter. Good game 5/5

Fantastic game.
Very polished and well thought-out in every area. Music, fluid gameplay and varied enemy mechanics all come together to make an amazing piece of work. I especially enjoyed the different enemy tactics, making this game more than a run&gun; one even forced you to go in attacking stance in order to be able to defeat it.
Please don't listen to the casuals, the multiplier is meant to be as a reward for particularly dedicated players and makes the game that much more interesting; players should want more than to click a few times mindlessly to win a game.

OK game, but nothing all that great. I don;t see why there was really a need for a bonus multiplier if it is virtually impossible to achieve on any level past the 1st or second level. There simply is no way anyone but Rainman could never get hit after level 2. So it is only good if you are going back to replay older levels after upgrading. But it would be better if the multiplier was at least somewhat achieveable on every level...even if it meant that upgrades costs were a little higher to account for the extra money players would get.