Reviews for "Robot Legions"

great game! Graphics were good, no lag, and it was quite addictive. I think I would have liked to see more weapons next time. You know, missiles, lasers, cluster bombs, you name it. I would have also liked to battle some bosses. Robot Legions 2? Also I would like to see the background change once in a while, and maybe the setting. A story mode would be cool also

The good
-great graphics +1
-addicting +2
-performed well +1
-good enemy variety +1

the bad
-only one weapon -1


Great game can't wait for a sequel


playvortex responds:

Thanks! Dunno about the story mode, but different weapons and level backgrounds (and different arena sizes) are definitely planned for the sequel.

sweet game! i have no qualms, though, the expectation of a perfect victory is kind of unreasonable.

playvortex responds:

Thanks! Yeah, it's very hard to get a perfect victory on later levels, but the player is not expected to get all of them, only the amount that is necessary for the achievement.

This guy sure kicking ass

Clever enemy design. Really lets you think about how to approach a level =)
Upgrades all felt rewarding and had a huge impact on gameplay each =)
Boss Battle was satisfying =)
Overall very fun and addicting gameplay =)

playvortex responds:

Thanks! =)

4/5 as the gameplay and controls are easy to learn, the Upgrade system is simple yet functional (You actualy see the "Bang for your Buck") it would be 5 star however if you tried to incorporate maybe a weapon switching option and maybe a few different character skins.

playvortex responds:

Thanks! We definitely will be adding more content (different weapons and level backgrounds, maybe skins too) in the sequel.