Reviews for "Robot Legions"

its been weeks since i played a game on newgrounds that i really enjoyed playing.

regeneration powerup is false: there is no regenerating health so why bother. and if i have high armor why am i getting my ass kicked late in the game?

very good man nice job no lag or glichtes but sometime in this or you speed it up cause your a pro animator:3


Awesome, very fun.
This game plays very well, it didn't lag for me at all that I remember, which surprised me when I would realize all the stuff on the screen at once.
The achievements made sense, and weren't to hard to get, they kept me trying for them all.
The difficulty in the game was pretty fair, until the last boss, of whom beat the crap out of me until I felt like I was wearing my mouse like a hat (crazy I know) However I wouldn't say that it was to hard, just that I wish I could have done something with all the extra money I had, even after buying all the upgrades.
Like upgrade extensions might have been nice, something like after you "master" the armor you could keep spending money on it, making it better still.

Also, I'm pretty sure the achievements "ease come" and "ease go" should be spelled with a Y instead of a second E, making them "easy come" and "easy go" respectively.