Reviews for "Robot Legions"

Great game! The art and animation was top notch, the leveling and upgrades were polished and fun, and the achievement system added a bit of longevity to the game. My only suggestion would be to add more weapons, but it's still great.

Was so-so. Decent and boring at the same time. Time killer at best

The levels were well thought of comprimising of a new enemy each level.
Liked the variety thought they were challenging at times.
The boss was cool too.

I can't really think of anything bad about this game, would have been challenging if you had of included a obstacle like a block or two or three in any level past 10 or the last three levels when you pretty much have all the upgrades or close to it. Would love to see another one, possibly a boss every few levels or some mid boss like enemy with the robots per level.

you did a great job.

this type of game isn't anything new, but the way you handled the leveling up, the progression of enemies and and the difficultly was really pro, excellent work.

It was a nice paced game, only reason I didn't give 5 stars was that is was a little short, but I enjoyed spilling some time into it