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Reviews for "enter: dollhouse one. "

Really original.

Well, that was terrifying. But entertaining!

beccahyman responds:


Awesome concept! The movements of the camera add a 'another is watching feeling' quite well (whether intentional or not) and threw the entire story even further into the realm of bizarre. The use of live and animation together has always been a 'fun' thing for me. I like the interaction of the two, even if majority of the time it was stationary, sans the cat.

One small quibble, the reflection of her in the television should of been of her from behind. Otherwise it looked like a mirror image rather than a reflected one.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie and really look forward to the next two installments.

I really loved the "I hate it" at the end. Very eerie.

The shaky camera is really tempting,Both for getting the people volunteer to be scared the shit out or the build up for the spooky feeling
but the kinda repeative background noise (Maybe a more nartral fading sound fix in the future work I guess? Cuz from time to time it gets silly) could gets a little annoying when the vid plays about few minutes afterward,Most of the reason is it's too strong for the on-going dialogue (Confession or something?),and it might be confusing for people whether it's the point to feel the building up atmosphere or to understandãEUto realize the emotionãEUthe meaningãEUmetaphor- something like that behind the girl's confession,for many good examples sudden silence can be farily scary as humming noise do
Looking forward for more!

I love this. It's greatly animated and the artwork is awesome. As for the story, it leaves so many open ended questions from logical ones (as "if the door was closed when you got in, how did it open to let the cat in?") to more phylosophical ones like "What does the second key open?" and " who else is there?"

Also I just finished the last televised saga of Bleach (anime) and in it there was a girl with the power to put anyone she wanted into any container she wanted until she let them out. She onced kept the neighbour she had a crush on in there until he rejected her very being. She calls this power "Dollhouse". So questions reflecting this also buzz through my mind.