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Reviews for "enter: dollhouse one. "

Been a while since I've seen something I was compelled to comment on. The feel that you gave this flash was amazing. The Alice in Wonderland kick backs with the shrinking food and growing drink, or was it the other way around, were awesome and fit the feel.

beccahyman responds:

Ahh, thank you! So cool to read comments like this. Really glad you enjoyed it, it still needs work but hopefully parts 2 + 3 will be better.

Great atmosphere! The concept is really cool and you pull it off quite well, i never thought i'd be scared by a cat leaning his head into a doll house. The song(?) that loops in the background gets a little annoying. The sudden cut off is quite jarring and stops the music from ever blending entirely into the background. Your art is decent and the camera angles and lighting were pretty good too. I think your animation needs work and a lot of it is far too static. Remember than when people walk and run they don't glide, they move up and down. A key part of making run/walk cycles look good is getting this right. Having a body glide horizontally along with legs moving beneath just looks bad, make sure the body is moving up and down with the rise and fall of the walk!
That said some of the animation was pretty good and i'm sure with practice you can get some create some more realistic looking motion. The voice acting fitted the concept perfectly and the sound design was good too.
I didn't really like the shrinking growing scene, the imagery of it is a little too cliche and comical to work with the sinister tone you're creating here. All in all though it was an enjoyable flash and i look forward to future episodes!

beccahyman responds:

Thanks for this, really honest and helpful. I'm definitely a massive amateur with sound design, i need to get a better mic to record background noise & edit it properly or collaborate with someone here on newgrounds because I had to make the eerie sounds etc from scratch. I do see what you're saying with the jarring sound, which i didn't entirely register until I started editing with headphones.

And really appreciate your advice about walkcycles, they're still my biggest struggle and I do need more practice. As for the shrinking scene, I hadn't really thought about it as comical but thanks for your input. Think as I get better with AFX i can come up with better transitions from live-action characters into flash figures.

Thanks for a fair and thorough review, man.

i appreciate the peeing...and Radiohead. Good work

beccahyman responds:

even cartoons need to pee. and YEAH RADIOHEAD. cool that you recognised the poster. thanks!

This was more entertaining than the movies (paranormal activity). Not too shabby.

beccahyman responds:

glad you thought so! i haven't actually seen paranormal activity yet but yeah everyone's told me it's shit. personally glad i'm more entertaining than shit. haha, thanks for your review.

Nice one! Cinda scary and mysterious, but that made it awsome! Well, i haven't got much to say, I'm not an encyclopedia or somethin'. Anyways great work! 5/5

beccahyman responds:

glad you liked it man, and found it unsettling. more is coming, and i have a youtube if you're interested in seeing little tests along the way (newgrounds hates shit like that). thanks for your review!