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Reviews for "enter: dollhouse one. "

I must say congrats, not many things have me siting there with the whole "scearything gona pop out" feeling(well untill the cat came :3) the animation was a little ruff but smooth and sutle. A very good peace of work :)

Not the sort of thing that you see often on NG. Gives off very queasy vibes. For that, you get some high marks.

I did have some issues with the pacing of it all, it seemed to drag on after around the midpoint. Also the running portion at the end wasn't up to par with the quality in animation of the rest of the film.

Over all, though, well done. May future episodes (stories?) be even better.

Reminds me of the doctor who episode "Night Terrors" which was scary as hell.
well done just try not to have wodden dolls that turn you into dolls if they touch you cuase then you would have complaints of people shiting themselves

Nice surreal vibe all throughout. Great animating, except for the running part towards the end. But that can be overlooked.

I love how you integrated the model house with the animation, it felt almost real. Keep it up.

quite suspenseful, and rather unusual. although strange i found it very creative and i give this a 10/10 for such reasons.