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Reviews for "enter: dollhouse one. "

Now that was pretty suspenseful.
Reminds me of those original horror flicks.

I'm sorry but for me this submission lacks anything really new. I like Alice in wonderland stuff a lot, I can find myself in macabre surrealism, but this is just not new nor entertaining for me.

It's a very nice submission for art class, way better than average I'm sure, and I'm also sure you'll find a lot of people who like it a lot.
But to me it's only a very good beginning of something, it's to shallow to be a masterpiece yet.

Don't just be way better than average, be amazing, find a way there.

I tht this was a game but no still ceepy & cool

The shaky camera is really tempting,Both for getting the people volunteer to be scared the shit out or the build up for the spooky feeling
but the kinda repeative background noise (Maybe a more nartral fading sound fix in the future work I guess? Cuz from time to time it gets silly) could gets a little annoying when the vid plays about few minutes afterward,Most of the reason is it's too strong for the on-going dialogue (Confession or something?),and it might be confusing for people whether it's the point to feel the building up atmosphere or to understandãEUto realize the emotionãEUthe meaningãEUmetaphor- something like that behind the girl's confession,for many good examples sudden silence can be farily scary as humming noise do
Looking forward for more!

Pretty cool. Nice grim atmosphere, cool absurd-esque story. The animation on the girl could use some work, and the sound design as well...The constant loop was getting kind of annoying after a while. Apart from that, fucking 4 start post! Aww sheet