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Reviews for "Toon Train Coolab"

It's totally random and awesome flash, i love it! :D
At first i thought "dafuq is going on, this makes no sense", then i was like "Oh they connected somehow", and after Midnight mystery i was totally shocked - it actually makes a lot of sense.
Great work! You deserved my all my 5.

AtomicBottle responds:

Griffinflash: You don't know how much i love you right now for actually finding midnight...i was worried no one would.

*********************SPOILER ALERT***************************

Really well done movie, I believe I can only do it justice by explaining why I liked each short film in turn, so if you haven't watched it yet, don't read this.

The first film made me incredibly sad, the amalgamation of a man-made device with an animal is very strange, especially the combination used for the movie.
I found the graphics for it very effective in delivering sadness for the death of the characters, even though it makes little sense.
The worst thing about 'Seal' is that it is in the worst possible place, as being the first movie makes it very hard to watch and tolerate.

RJ and Friends- is so different from the first movie that it doesn't seem to quite belong either, however the story is more interesting since it has very strange characters.
Although they are playing very cliche roles, it is still fun to watch just to see how it ends up, and the mask-pulling trick was very entertaining.
RJ & Friends had a fantastic ending that left ample opportunity for the next movie to pick up from.

Puffin-Man is where things started to make more sense to me, as I could tell the blimp was from the second film's action scene.
Again the characters are really imaginative and whacky, funny thing to watch a cow with wings merge with a mysterious humanoid, only to fight its enemy by spewing a piano and dropping some sick tunes.
I can safely say I've never seen that before.
Awesome movie.

Robot 3 is the only movie I believe I cannot do justice, as I disliked it greatly, however I watched it anyway, as it helped me to make more sense of this collaboration.

Butt-Glove has a constant upbeat tune to it that simply makes whatever happens in it seem less serious, which added to the hilarity, for me at least.
The antagonism between the clown and the red-had man is a thing to be sung about in epics for ages to come, the fact they go to many levels of heaven, contending for an unknown reason, yet end up being friends anyway is something I greatly admire.
It does not seem to end, but for a short animation it hit my spots.

AS A WHOLE- The Collaboration is great, fantastic work from each artist here, the music chosen, the characters drawn and the imagination put into it.

If you put more work into it in order to improve the quality of the clips, this could become a movie that would take the internet by storm and reach out beyond NG's audience.

Well done guys.


Robot 3 was the best but the other animations were good to!
So nice collab

A very creative and clever style of story telling and animation structure, definitely a unique addition to newgrounds. Had a blast throughout the roller coaster of odd and interesting animation styles and ideas. Please make more of these and great work to all involved!

Pretty damn crazy! The loading screen was fun with its beautiful picture that gave you some characters to ponder and its amusing advert satire. The menu too was nice, with proffesional buttons with nifty preview pictures, funky music and a fun randomized scrolling quote at the bottom.
I was a little unsure which flash to watch first, and i guess it didn't matter. The "back" button really should have utterly disappeared when the flash started playing as it was a little distracting. Why were the animations in movie format? This visibly detracted from the quality and appears as though they were all made in flash anyway so was seemingly unnecessary. Did it perhaps lower the file size (though i can't think why it would...)?
The actual content of the flashes was great though! Some very odd stories and unique characters and some epic music to match. The music really was a highlight with these animations and everything was timed so well for some beautifully touching (and comedic) moments. My two favourite stories where the seal and the underwater mine and the strange magicians butt based antics.
Most of the animation was pretty good (lots of nice fbf) and the art styles were a joy to look at. All in all it was an exciting, well made, and fun to watch collection of animations. Good work!