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Reviews for "Toon Train Coolab"

Greatest movie ever made.
I loved how everything is intertwined. 'Twas also super entertaining and animated very nicely.
Great job guys and gals! : >

I cannot really express how enjoyable this was! While Robot^3 and Buttglove were my favorites simply due to how beautifully animated they were to the music, all of these toons were really clever and well done. The idea behind the collaboration is just bloody brilliant, but the way in which everything tied together in a crazy continuity is just insane! I'm so proud of you guys, and I'd love to see more!

Totally fascinating micro-universe and easter egg hunt.

A very intelligent piece! And since the fusing of the different author scenes was made by the scene change sequence the viewer doesn't even catch on the difference.

The midnight scene was just genious! (by discovery and by psychology)

this wasn't too bad. a lot of it doesn't make too much sense when I try to think about it but i guess it connects...not really tho.

Anyways what is "midnight mystery"? I kinda want to know now.

AtomicBottle responds:

Wait till midnight to find out!