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Reviews for "Toon Train Coolab"

So, so awesome. This project itself is a great idea. Each cartoon had something to offer, and it was sweet when they intertwined with other stories and stuff, I just wish the viewer could be told WHEN another animator other than the original for the specific cartoon was exercising "influence" on the cartoon. Just me being curious. Awesome job guys.

I wouldn't have known this was a collab from the animations themselves. I thought the point was for the animations to end up all random, but they seem surprisingly consistent and coherent. They're not as random as something, say, SexualLobster makes for example. They have beginnings, middles, and ends that work well together (the butt glove one has plenty of "ends"). And the 5 animations are even connected to each other.

that butt one was so creepy. it is a very interesting idea though.

WHAT THE FUCK !!! -that's what you will hear in your head a lot watching this collab.I recommend to those who will watch it first time to watch RJ and friends first because the Seal story might get you wrong look on this project which is fucking insane with a nice animation,lots of weird ideas and cool music.

good animation cool storyline exept some episodes creeped me out though i liked how each character went with a nother