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Reviews for "Toon Train Coolab"

I cried watching the one with the sea lion ;_;

Absolutely incredible. I watched every movie at least 3 times. Then I stuck around for "Midnight" and had to watch everything again, in a much more serious state of mind. The way everything comes together with the final easter egg is both incredibly remarkable and disheartening. It changes all of your feelings towards the entirety of the story and I'd highly recommend that everyone find out the twist behind it all.

Once again, it is absolutely phenomenal to have your viewer's emotions do a complete 180 while watching the exact same thing after just one thing has been revealed. Remarkable.

Took my a while to notice the last one was a loop -_- and also to notice that they all were...well..kinda like one story from different point of views!

Bing Bong, you won. Super power time all around.

Absolutely brilliant. Positively the best written collab on newgrounds, even though it wasn't really put down on paper as I understand it. It could've used some more sound effects perhaps, but the package was woven together so flawlessly that it more than makes up for the lack of polish. Well done, everyone who worked on this project.