Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

Well, so much for watching some Walt Disney cartoons..

Comick responds:


skitzo, forever in my nigthmares

Okay, this was hilarious.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, here's how you get the various endings:
Good: Just as the "Press Space" prompt appears, a bear trap will appear underneath Skitzo for a split second. Click it, and choose the left option.
Neutral: Do nothing. Simple as that.
Bad: When the screen first flashes red, a hotdog (Yes a hotdog) will appear for a split second in the bottom right of the screen (About chest-level on the character that isn't Skitzo). Click that, and choose the right option.
Evil: Succeed at the "Press Space" prompt.

My favorite was the evil ending!

Comick responds:

hahaha yeah thats my fav as wel ;]

Awesome game! I got all the endings!