Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

this is scary as shit man

To get the evil ending, you just have to follow the dircetions at the end. The other two can be found much easier if you move frame by frame using forward and back when you right click.

Comick responds:

lmao I dont recommend moving frame by frame geez that would take forever. Just spam click and you can catch them fine :b

Comick i LOVE this, i love your artwork and i love Skitzo. Really creepy and perfectly in sync with the music great job! :D

DX theres quick time events in my videos now! I cant escape them. And i dont want to escape Skitzo. I like his taste in music...and chasing victims nonchalantly to the beat of zet music, we will get along nicely.

The funny thing is that I am going to visit Justice gig soon, and when I was listening to Stress song, the first thing that came up to my mind was this movie, even if it was uploaded 5 years ago! Great job, the movie and Skitzo himself as well! Thank you for awesome emotions!