Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

Why in the hell is this rated A?

Comick responds:

lol thats just in case you decide to catch the good or bad endings...

Your a sick bastard

Pretty cool love the music. Still edgy though.

where all dirty cartoons go when they perish

Okay, this was hilarious.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, here's how you get the various endings:
Good: Just as the "Press Space" prompt appears, a bear trap will appear underneath Skitzo for a split second. Click it, and choose the left option.
Neutral: Do nothing. Simple as that.
Bad: When the screen first flashes red, a hotdog (Yes a hotdog) will appear for a split second in the bottom right of the screen (About chest-level on the character that isn't Skitzo). Click that, and choose the right option.
Evil: Succeed at the "Press Space" prompt.