Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

Love it and Skitzo and all your work in general Crystal. Also if any of you guys love Skitzo as much as i do there are plushes of him they are so huggable and fuzzy. ^3^ also don't leave his eyes on at night...just a warning ^^. Also Keep up the good work. One last thing i saw the trailer for In the Dark. I know i'm being a lil rude but i'm curious when that will out :3 I read the comics i loved them.

Ps. Bear trap is hard as hell to click on WHY >X<

Comick responds:

HAha thanks for the shout out on the plush toys! Yeah I'm always happy to hear how many people love his evil squishyness and glowing eyes giving nightmares at night >:]
Thanks again for the kind words!! and yeah heh the ending with the dog surviving is always the hardest one to get!

this music fits so well! i love it!

I came back after few years to finally find all the endings, and I only managed to do so because I cheated.

Worth it

Comick responds:

You found them all!! Haha, well glad you enjoyed :D

Way to send a chill down my spine. The music and the creepy expression Skitzo gives just adds to the horror factor. I love this series and your work.

Comick responds:

Ah thanks a ton!! Glad you liked it haha :)

That good ending though... xD

I died a choice #1.

...Not as much for the second choice.