Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

Wow. What can I say? Your movie has come out so brilliant and original, it makes me speechless beyond words. You're pretty good at hiding the endings since I only got two, which were the easiest obviously, LOL.
The music just makes my blood boil, because it goes so well with some crazy serial killer maniac behind you, swinging around a bloody saw.
The animation itself is very smooth and well drawn (Like always, considering from you.)
I like how you made this so you have different endings, it obviously makes you want to play it more than once! Wish me luck on finding the other endings, I won't stop playing until I do, or maybe I will still play it afterwards. Lol.
Please continue your amazing work,
Love your Stalker.

It's good to see more of your animated work, hope to see the animated In The Dark soon!