Reviews for "Skitzo the Bear-RUN!"

Since reading your comic, I can't help but think Skitzo is sorta cute XD

I absolutely love this animation. I watch it about 300 times a day. The music fits so perfectly with it as well. Please make more vids of Skitzo!

Comick responds:

wow thats a lot of times!! :U haha even if it not entirely true, I do apprecaite you liked it and played it more then once anyways! more hopefully coming soon...

Oh god finally =D
I watched it like 50 times till I got them all. Very nice.. and kind of disturbing
first I thought it was a cartoon till I saw the Tap Space Hint
The good ending is the hardest i tried 10 times to click the right spot.. when i first klicked it rght i accidentially klicked the wrong option and the movie started over.
I love your art, keep it up =)

Comick responds:

haha oh cool :) Thanks for watching it and also taking the time to tyr and get the other endings! Oh and yeah I make it just that more harder when you finally catch the button you need to choose the right choice XD haha glad you didnt give up though!! Thanks again

i like ir

Comick responds:


OMG creepy much

Comick responds:

haha awesome thanks :D