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Reviews for "Becoming Independent"

Great song step. You sure are staying amazing. Love the song! Oh and Good guess

Step responds:

Haha thanks.

I cannot make a score in one night (unless it is 30 seconds), but not everyone has the complicated resources as I. It is interesting that you submitted this here; I'm sure there are many Newgrounders who need some motivational music to perk them up.

This song does bring me back to the Wii days, must be said.

Step responds:

Hey Bosa!

Hahaha there is a sort of Wii vibe to some of the melodies here. That's a really interesting observation.

You know, I honestly didn't think I could finish this in one night either. I compose very slowly. For instance, my more recent track "Chompy" was a last-minute custom soundtrack for a game here on Newgrounds with the same name, and it took me around four days to finish (mind you, I was working on it for a sizeable amount of hours each day). On top of that, it was only 2 minutes and a half long! Making this score in one night is still crazy for me, regardless of how much copypasta and rushed sections there are.

Thanks for dropping by!

I think it fits really well man. In regards to you thinking it sounds cheesy, I have in some things I have scored or done music for, and noticed that a lot of the cheesyness comes from the picture it is fit with. I bet you if you put this song in a Mario Galaxy Game you wouldn't think it's so cheesy anymore. There are some parts I would say can be cheesy without the picture, but that is all in the instrumentation in my opinion. Great work man! Especially for doing it in one night.

Step responds:

Ohey, thanks for dropping by m8.

I think it fits pretty well too, myself! Maybe the brass sections were a bit too uplifting for what happened in the video but I wanted to add a section like that in a score about independence haha. I can't really imagine this in a Mario Galaxy game though. This is the LAST piece of music of mine that I'd expect to be compared with something as amazing as Mario Galaxy music.

GLAD YOU LIKE IT THOUGH. Thanks again. c:

I would have to agree with you, it does sound like very generic cheesy music for a documentary or some kind of uplifting propoganda about being yourself and the like.

Out of all the sounds, I love the drums and strings the most. <3

Step responds:

I kinda like the piano over here myself, but I wish I mixed it a little better :(.

Glad you enjoyed it, despite its very apparent cheese!

I can't believe you did this in one night... Despite that, it's excellent *-*
Nice atmosphere you describe with this song too, reminds me to The Sims hehe. However, great work!! I bet it will be very popular soon :)

Step responds:

Honestly, luck was on my side that night. I usually take ages to think of an idea that works, but the melodies for this track came naturally. I wish I had more time to work on it, but due to some really inconvenient circumstances I had only a night to work on it. Being someone who composes at a rate of 10 hours per minute of music, that was one hell of a challenge hahaha.

Thanks for reviewing!