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Reviews for "Becoming Independent"

Hey, I'm dedicating a level to you! (Geometry dash). It's name will be, "Independent". I never really made a good level and hope you like it!!! Love your music, it's calm exciting feeling that you can listen too anytime. P.S. check the level in 1-2 weeks. I'm probably not good enough to have it get stars, and it probably won't be rated.

Step responds:

Oh, good luck with your level! Thanks for leaving a review :).

Hmm...this is different! I love the emotion and the climactic nature of it into 1:00. The intro might've been a little long, but it really has a simple beauty to it that compliments the film very well. I really love the victorious yet reflective mood. 1:55 was one of my favorite parts. Overall, it's well-structured, smooth-flowing, and has an appropriate amount of structural variation and dynamic contrast. It's at times upbeat and energetic, and at others slower and more emotional - just what I like in a piece of this style. May I ask why you chose to call it pop instead of classical or cinematic? Anyway, the quality of your instruments, as always, is superb. This could be a professional orchestra performing this right now, and I couldn't tell the difference. I also really liked the outro with the cellos and basses and then the soothing piano once again. Really good work, especially for making this in only one night, Step. :O Happy Independence Day, Malta! :D

Step responds:

Man, your reviews have become pretty much consistent. I always love reading what you have to say, so thanks a lot for yet another review!

The intro was on the long side, I'll agree, but my goal over there was simply to complement what was being shown on screen, as opposed to actually creating a musical progression that was a bit more sensible and didn't drag out as much, so I'm mostly glad I pulled that off haha.

Yeah I agree 1:52 is probably one of the stronger parts of the score, so I'm happy you like it!

Like I said to SilverFoxJams below me, I just felt like the instrumentation was more suited to pop, what with the piano, drums and guitar. It isn't really classical because it has almost no qualities of a classical piece of music. I guess maybe it could sorta fit in Cinematic, but ehhh. No biggie :3.

Once again, thanks a lot for reviewing! Gonna be posting two more tracks before the year ends.

I like how it gets from soothing, to exciting. Makes me smile. :)

Step responds:

The tricky part for me was to decide WHEN to change it to exciting, and how gradually to do so. Remember, this was a film score, and the scorer of the film basically dictates the excitement of the film, so it was important to make sure that the excitement levels were suitable.

Anyway glad you liked it :3.

You know what? Everytime I listen to your music, I feel I am going to heaven more than 2000 times.
Your musics always give me ideas, get rid of my pains, and makes me feel that YOU ARE THE REAL PRO

really nice. nice. UR A GOD

Step responds:

Jeez, thanks for the huge confidence boost ^_^. I'm glad you enjoy my music!

Maybe it's just me--I didn't hear anything very repetitive going on in this piece. I think I understand why you selected pop as the genre, regarding the beats. Mostly, this is still cinematic, though it is good to know you're branching out some, genre wise.

The piano melodies and chords, as well as the strings, are arranged really nice.

Dang, even though you've rushed it, it's still very good, and I'm glad it does! Just be sure to get the rest you need, for future projects. :)

(I don't think I'd be able to rush any on my music--or anything else really. I LIKE taking my time haha. I heavily dislike having to rush on things.)

Step responds:

Hey SFJ! Nice of you to drop by again!

Yeah I don't think this is strictly pop, but I feel like it's the closest genre, as a lot of the instrumentation is pretty typical of a pop song.

As I said to Bosa, rushing really isn't my thing... I hate cutting corners and it killed me inside to have to do it, but it was either that or them using the iffy and unfitting stock music they had used as a placeholder. I say unfitting mainly because it wasn't even long enough to fit the whole film, so literally halfway through, it stopped and starting again! I thought that was very jarring.

It's actually a pretty long story how I had to score this in just one day, but I may as well tell it now, if you're down for putting up with my wall of text haha.

Basically, towards the end of August, a friend of mine who dabbles in film production contacted me asking me if I could score a film he's doing for Malta's independence day. I declined, as I didn't want to get involved in something while being so busy with other projects, but, not to leave him without a composer, I suggested someone here on Newgrounds, who eventually agreed to score the film.

Of course, to score something, you first need some kind of timed storyboard or ideally the completed film, but the film was still in production when I suggested the Newgrounds composer, so nothing was able to be sent at the time. The producers of the short film ran into some complications getting permissions to film at the airport, causing them to have to wait MULTIPLE WEEKS for the permission. When they finally got the go-ahead, they rushed to film and edit the video.

By mid-September, the film was finally ready, with only a FEW DAYS to spare before the final deadline, when the film would have to be complete, music and all. Meanwhile, the composer I recommended wasn't responding to messages and just flat-out disappeared (I learnt later on that he had no internet for a while and couldn't respond), so once again they were left without a composer. I felt kinda bad, because I was the one who recommended this guy and I'd feel like it'd be partially my fault if he didn't deliver, so I ultimately agreed to score it myself in the four-odd days that were left, which I thought was manageable.

Then, as if it couldn't get any worse, my friend came up to me, announcing that the director changed the deadline to THE FOLLOWING DAY, and told me that they'll probably stick with the stock music they were using as a placeholder, seeing as he thought there wouldn't be enough time to score a 6-minute video. That was when, me being the crazy dumbass I am, I said I'd do it in a night. One sleepless (but certainly not coffee-less) night later, I somehow finished the score.

In a way the only person who got me in that situation was myself. I could've just told them to stick with the stock music, which would've been more feasible, but I kinda threw logic and reason out of the window and made something anyway. They were really appreciative and in the end it was a great experience for me, but damn, I'll never forget the near-dead state I was upon finishing the score haha.

Apologies for the ramble! Thanks again for the review. c: