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Reviews for "Alien Hominid Fan Trailer"

did you even use flash to make this!?!?

this game was so cool back then, and it still is :D

Weird, why did you call this a "fan" trailer? If something is written by the very people who worked on it, it can't be a fan trailer. This reminds me, it's been forever since DanPaladin has submitted something to the portal. It's great to have him back! I remember talking to you in the forums when you said the game reached 20 million hits on this website. I thought that's what you were celebrating at first.

I can't believe there's still more stuff going on with this game! I love this trailer. It seems like it's been too long since I remember what the guys look like without their sunglasses. It's great that you're going to all sorts of locations like Russia. Those commies are always looking for a fight!

I already own it, but this trailer makes me want to buy it again.

Im on the fence about this. granted its a trailer with footage from Alien hominid, but its still a trailed based on something you didnt create... Does this mean you plan to make other trailers as well? Will I be seeing a trailer for the next God of War game?...

I really hope not..

2 and a half stars for some very nice editing. I just hope this isnt want the videoplayer ends up being used for.