Reviews for "Flipped."

so cool and original too i love how it showes u what he did and then he know what would happen so then he didn't do it .. got to love that time altering .

I love reverse! It's like everything goes back to normal! Excellent Job man!

That was the best car chase i ever seen, except for the fact that it was backwards. :3
But it was a good movie and nively done. But i have to say the Audio being played bakwards was really annoying.

Great job I loved this animation. Awesome concept for the entries. I'm curious though... did you animate the whole thing forward and then make it go backwards... or did you animate it backwards? :/

Emrox responds:

A little bit of both, dependant on the scene.

yOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME? If he actually went backwards till he was born... but then again that would take episodes O_o