Reviews for "Flipped."

though the movie was good although it seemed to be missing a deeper meaning and or lession to the story. Unless drinking is all it took to make this guy rob a store? lol.

Emrox responds:


!pu sbmuht 5 siht evig I ,looc os si sihT (read backwards!)

Emrox responds:

I wouldn't have guessed.

ehh. not to shabby of animations and plot...thats all i have

um idk about every1 else but u cant turn over the sands of time... simply because just like in this film it makes everything turn around like making reality backwards everythings in rewind. So that means if you try to turn the sands of time over you would rewind the part of u turning it over making it reality never backwards for more then about 5 seconds. you c because when u turn it over it undoe's your hand action making the sands of time back to normal when you try to turn it over... So you can't flip time backwards by doing anything to put it upside down because you just cant its not possible everything you do to turn over the sands of time when it actually does go upside down nd everythings in rewind... everything goes back to normal because the sands of time will stand back to its normal state in forward mode once everything undoes itself. if you grab the sands of time with your hand simply turn it over then everything goes rewind undoing all those actions meaning your hand swiches right back and placing the sands of time back down to its original state so youl kinda go through a freeze state everytime you turn it over upside down because ul rewind nd then go back to normal nd you wont kno what happenedd because you wont experience a rewind experience its just not possible so good try tho but this short film is not meeting the hole story sands of times is a big big thing to play with... does any1 understand what im talkn about?

reversed, just for the sake of doing it?!

So he got drunk? That's it?
Each part dosen't connect; it's just random parts put together with no logic to it.
He steals, because he's drunk?

An idea with doing a reversed animation is good, but without ANY story to it, it fails...
Shallow as hell...