Reviews for "Flipped."

ahmmmmm ... i dont see the clip cuz my pc dont fucking load ! ! !

an unexpected twist,I never thought that watching something go in reverse for a whole episode would be this entertaining

though I love the cashier part,its like the meme "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" XD

Emrox responds:

Curse you memes! Cuuuuuuuurrrrrseee yooooooouuuuu.

good plot

Wow, veryclever idea, and well executed! I love the music, by the way. It goes with the video great.At the end, walking out of the bar, helooks like hes dancing tothe music. XD

Pretty cool idea, but i tire of "turning back time" themes but the animation saved it from being boring. Also the guy was white when he couldve been black (lmao j/k) but seriously for some reason his character art was cool for some reason (sorta minimalist)