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Reviews for "Flipped."

Dude that was pretty awesome!

Its really interesting how the story gets played in reverse, you don't see much of that now days...

I really liked the lighting effects...I can see your style has improved quite a bit.

Keep it up!


Emrox responds:

Hey, thanks man!

I got impresed by the light efects ! how u did that?

Emrox responds:

I'm glad you asked!

For most shots, I had one radial gradient covering the whole screen that hovered over the brightest light source. Then for other sources of light such as headlights & police sirens, I added more bright gradients, each one on its own layer. Now this seems simple, but what really makes lights seem bright (or dark, in some shots) is the use of shadows. Always make sure that your shadows point AWAY from the brightest source of light, and you should be good. I hope that helps!

i see what happened i think.......he knew that if he flipped it would cause time to go backwards........i think

Emrox responds:

Iunno maybe

Awesome. Did you animate it going fowards then just reverse the frames or did you animate it already in reverse?

Emrox responds:

I did some scenes in reverse, and then I reversed the frames in others. I animated the scenes in the order you see them, though.

Cool idea having an animation running backwards. Pretty good.